Thursday, 29 March 2012


Well I bought my first ever shrinkles paper/plastic, and played around with some of my illustrations, it was great fun. For those who don't know what shrinkles is. It's a sheet of plastic(as thin as a sheet of paper) you draw or print on and then put it in you hot oven and it curls and shrinks into a small,think object.You could make earrings, brooches or whatever cute little thing :-)


playmobil said...

Oh its so cute. I really like its design and decoration. Thank you for posting this.

Doty said...

Helo, can you help me pleas?
I have this "paper" but I can not print to it...Maybe, the problem is - my printer is ink...What printer do you use?And what brand is this paper?
Thank you very much! :)

Cäcilia Turner said...

@ Doty: Make sure you don't take the glossy version ,there is also shrinkle paper that has rougher side this is better to print on. As for my printer it's a plain HP deskjet! Hope that helps